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New home

December 30, 2009

Part of the humongous fungus got a new home on an island in Maine …



October 7, 2009


Please visite the project website:

Meeting Greg Whipple

September 24, 2009


Though I couldn`t manage to find the fruit of the fungus, at least I was able to meet the finder of the fungus! Greg Whipple, a now retired US Forest Silviculturist got aware of the huge Armillaria organism in the Malheur Forest, back in the 1990´s.

Back in the heat

September 23, 2009


… and now it´s too hot!!! Petra and I flew into Portland and than took the Greyhound to Baker City, where we got a rental car. Back to the home of the fungus. Actualy this should be the perfect time to find the fruit of the Armillaria, but since Nikolaus and I had left, there was not a single drop of rain. I will not be able to find any – bad luck.

Visited the last breakpoints …

August 22, 2009


Today I went to the Forest to reach the last for breakpoints. Again, it was very exhausting to reach them and as well, it felt strange being there. Probably the forest still sufres from the fires and the attack of the Armillaria. Soon I´ll be ready to upload the project website.

Back from the woods again …

August 11, 2009


Searching for the Armillaria rhizomporphes in the stocks of fallen trees. Because of the enormous forest decline in the area, it is difficult to finde the traces of the fungus.


We pitched our tent on the top of a little hill. There was enough dry wood around for a cosy fire, to prepare vegetable soup and the most beautifull night skys had offerd a bunch of falling stars. As in the middle of the night, wolfes started to howl, Nikolaus instinctivly started to collect new firewoods, just in case …


We did find quite some of the Armillaria. We found that some barks are traversed by the rhizomorph just like threads through cloth. We spend a lot of time to uncover parts of it, though the flimsy strings broke quite often …

… an other rainy day …

August 7, 2009

Today is the second day I can´t go out to the fungus because of rain and storm. Good luck we are still in a Motel, because Nikolaus needs the internet to do some work. But the forcast says, tomorrow will be a sunny day, again.
The woods are full of broken down and rotting trees, like in a jungle, one needs a lot of time to get forward – at one point 0:45 h for 500 meters. Not only the Armillaria fungus, but also other tree disease and the forest fires are harming it.


First day with the fungus …

August 4, 2009


First traces of the Armillaria.


Finding the breakpoint with the help of a GPS.

Last preparations …

August 3, 2009


About to finish the last preparations. I set 33 breakpoints in the area the fungus is situated. With the GPS  I am hoping to find them …

First sight

August 2, 2009


We met Craig Schmidt in John Day. He took us to the forest where the Humongous Fungus is situated, near the Strawberry Mountains. This organism is the biggest living being, found by now. It´s mycel grows underground in an area of about 2385 acres.
How lucky to be taken there. The area is full with little forest streets, you can easily get lost in. Craig showed us an area where good examples of the Armillarias root-like rhizomorphs can be found. The best way to find them is in the rootstock of recently died and fallen down trees. It was an exciting start in the project …