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Leaving the Powerhouse

August 30, 2009


Short stop at the library. After over a week working at the Powerhouse cabin, we are ready to leave the area … but that means, that Nikolaus will be leaving on Wednesday.


Dears eating Apples …

August 29, 2009


We are in the a cabin near Sumpter, fare up from big towns. Internet is only available in the library of Sumpter, a 3/4 hours drive away. The dears are coming to houses eating apples, in the evenings …


August 25, 2009


Rodeo Queen

August 22, 2009


This is quite a difference to the lonesome day in the forest. Tonight it´s rodeo night the 100th grant county fair. We are very surprised what kind of sports people here are up to, but if one looks at what most people are working here, then it´s clear where it  comes from …

Visited the last breakpoints …

August 22, 2009


Today I went to the Forest to reach the last for breakpoints. Again, it was very exhausting to reach them and as well, it felt strange being there. Probably the forest still sufres from the fires and the attack of the Armillaria. Soon I´ll be ready to upload the project website.


August 20, 2009



August 19, 2009


Still at the ranch

August 18, 2009


Still on the Boulder Creek Ranch, we are spending our days working, cooking and watching the “star-movies” at night.

At the Boulder Creek Ranch

August 17, 2009


Now we ended up at the Boulder Creek Ranch.
Surrounded by loads of animals and creatures of the wilderness, we are having a cabin on the ranch of very friendly people. We spend our time working and cooking and once in a while driving the 25 miles down to Praerie City to get to the internet.

In the woods …

August 16, 2009


Working in the Oregon wilderness, searching for the biggest living organism we pitched our tent and Nikolaus pepared the best food I´ve had since at least two weeks. We had roast potatos and asian-style vegetables with peanuts, coming with to budwisers.


By now I´ve alomost viewed all the breakpoints I had selected to research the traces of the fungus. I haven´t always found it, but at some places there was a lot of black shoestring mycel, hiding in the stocks of freshly fallen trees.