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July 28, 2009




July 26, 2009


On our way to Oregon we mostly slept in nature, enjoying wilderness – but then we came to Reno and the chance of a cheap luxery hotel was very inviting. And in fact, it was very neat and stylish, but all this razzmatazz made us very tired and we left town early next morning without breakfast, back to the prairie …


July 24, 2009


STADT / San Francisco, Union Square

July 23, 2009

STADT / San Francisco, Union Square

I began continuing my ongoing project “CITY” with this montage of San Francisco, Union Square. Klick the image to be linked to the project.

Dinner at Moira Roth´s house

July 21, 2009


After some impressions of North American cooking it was pure joy to be invited at Moiras house for dinner – not only for eating, but also for the inspiring conversation. Thank you so much for the wonderfull evening!


July 17, 2009


Restaurant Transformable, by Rainer Prohaska

July 16, 2009


Restaurant Transformable, by Rainer Prohaska – Mackey Apartments Los Angeles. We were able to experience a special evening with focus on potatos …

getting started …

July 15, 2009

Arriving in Los Angeles the middle of the night and luckily got through all the border processes quite quickly, first thing was to pick up the car. All the storys in mind on what to concern when picking up a rented car in the states, I felt quite uncomfortable. The young guy on the counter was totally fed up with his job and couldn´t beleave I wanted to read all the condition papers carfully. After all that he send us out in the night to choose a car – one of two totally new white things, with white features in the inside. It was totally clear that white wouldn´t be albe to stay white on our trip. So I asked the guy for an other car. Without a word he left in the dark and, after a few minutes turned around the other corner with a kind of silver bat-mobil. At that point I started to like him, though I had to get in once more to complain about the scratches bumps on the car. He said I should drive to the gate and there would be the final process. I did what he said and with arriving at the gate, his sleepy face was looking at me like begging to please releave him soon. After an other half an hour we were leaving to get to a motel for a few hours sleep. I was ready to meet him again at any other place that night.


July 13, 2009



July 12, 2009